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They come in all sizes, shapes, forms. And sometimes they come out of the blue, unexpected, and most unusual.

My Teddy Bear and Me: Bold and Sold


Changes take courage. It’s scarey to break the mold we find ourselves living in. Even if a life condition is not good for us, we may be  tempted to remain in the muck and lose our vitality, drawing up like a prune. A pasted smile, industrious activities, and obsession to temporal details are the superimposed situations encircling our frightened souls. We hope they keep out the Recluse Spider prototypes. You know, those thought monsters that hide, but bite, stinking us in the most tender, vulnerable places without remorse. The effects of these thought monsters are callous, working hard to keep us from enjoying the warm sunshine falling on our faces, sound of soft rain tapping on our windowsills, and the splendor of a warm beverage in front of a crackling fireplace with someone(s) special (spouse, family, friend, etc.) –enraptured in the moment.

But when enough is finally ENOUGH? We’re sick and tired of playing it safe? Yes, it’s time for us to be BOLD. It’s finally time to SELL our Teddy Bears–those situations we hid in to protect our selves–and be REAL. My Teddy Bear and Me. The relationship is over. I will be bold. He (she/it) will be sold.

Teddy Bears in our lives can be relationships, commitments to jobs at hand that we hide behind–when we know the job is not good for us and we can do better, or maybe the Bear is our defeating thought-patterns? The teddy bear often is a relationship, but the snuggle bug may be a work habit we insist on holding close to feel complete– even though we are coming to realize it is not completing us– but depleting us. And if it’s thought-patterns? They have much dominion over our lives, composed of just the right gear bits to grab us where it hurts, move us to the slimy path of enslavement, and choke off the stream of love placed in our hearts by God.

“But I’m scared!”

That’s exactly right, but just for a season.

Changes can be anxiety-provoking in two ways: Fear of failure can pump us up with so much adrenalin and induce panic in our hearts.  Scarey.

And fear of success? It can be scarey, too.

But I love the saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

There’s a lot to be said about that quote. After all, who wants to embed themselves in a shallow/destructive relationship, serve on a job when we can have something better, and accept/practice harmful thoughts that drive joy and laughter away when we can choose better and live better?

My Teddy Bear and me? I was bold. It was sold.

Frankly speaking, I’m still in the process, with God’s help, to keep them out of my life–except for the one on my shelf–for decor.

Three Writing Courses I’m teaching here in Shelbyville, TN



Author of six books, and mouth-artist (paints holding brush between her teeth), Dr. Mary Pace, a quadriplegic from birth, will teach three three-hour courses on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, October 10, 11, and 13 from 11:00 A.M. To 2:00 P.M. at The Fly Arts Center in Shelbyville. A fifteen minute break will be scheduled each day from 12:30 to 12:45. Detailed handouts will be provided. The fee for each course is $40.00 per person.

Monday– How to Create and Illustrate your First Anthology discusses how to compile an anthology from idea to compilation of stories to illustrating and completing the work for publication. Minimal writing experience is recommended, but not required.

Tuesday – WritingANonFictionBook: IdeaAssessment, Research, andContentOrganization, Development, andEditing gives you step-by-step instructions on how to write a non-fiction book from idea to completion. Minimal writing experience is recommended, but not required.

Thursday – Writing Your Memoirs: Journaling to Essay to Memoir provides you with instructions on how to maintain a journal, draw ideas from your journal entries to create a personal essay, and transform your personal essay into a memoir. No writing experience is required.

Please bring your paper and pen or laptop.

For questions and registration contact:

Janice Cole, Director

The Fly Arts Center, 204 S. Main St., Shelbyville, TN 37160  931-703-7613

Sunshine on my Shoulders


It’s summer here in Tennessee, which reminds me of the song by John Denver with words “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…” For me, it isn’t the sunshine that actually makes me happy, but what the warm, comforting rays make me think about. What a blessing to be encouraged by nature to ponder the goodness God has given me.

God has given me another day, people to love and be loved by, enjoyable work to serve Him through writing, art, and teaching–and I could go on. But the sunshine mostly reminds me of the most powerful blessing I’ve ever encountered: a solid, everlasting relationship with Jesus. Jesus, the assurance of everlasting life with the Lord. And for here and now? The courage to walk daily with Him on rocky and often scarey turf with a smile on my face, because all is truly well. Not to be haughty or pompous about being a Christian, but I must say I feel privileged to know our living God.

I’m glad God gave me the sunshine. The warm rays on my shoulders is one of the thousands of ways He continues to share His goodness.

Rolling where Jesus Walked


For as long as I remember I’ve dreamed of rolling where Jesus walked. Authoring and illustrating a book on the experience. I found this awesome travel agency that serves people with disabilities. Am moving forward, taking the next step, slowly. Finances. Support team. One day at a time.

Plenty Room for Excuses


This is an excerpt from my book, LETTERS IN MY CASKET, a novella set in World War II. A main character, Salena, serves in the military.  If you’re interested in reading more you can find this book by clicking on the link on my books page.


Mother, I am proud of you! You made no excuses for yourself!

Daddy often bragged about you taking homemade pies and cakes to soldiers in the hospital, at a time when patriotism was low. God called you to comfort and cheer, an inmeasureable service you gave without limit.

There was plenty room in our family for excuses — just look at your health, the worn out dinnerware, and our leaky roof. We were poor, but our spirits sure were rich.

I know God gave us His son, Jesus Christ and that means we need nothing. You lived out that faith, but where was your struggle in all of this? You could have made some allowances. Everyone is entitled to a bad day!

Now, I am an adult who finds it tough to cry. Feelings that plead for expression are never given a chance. Sometimes I get frustrated with being unable to validate my own pain.

Look what you did to yourselves, first — Daddy with nightmares and you with all that nervous energy. I love you both with tears of sorrow, seeing what trying to be good Christians did to you. God knows you did your best. I do not mean to be critical.

I love and honor Christ, too. But weeping is part of trusting Him with all of us.

Thank you for being so great. I admire you both.

Your daughter,


“You are always righteous, O Lord, when I bring a case before you. Yet I would speak with you about your justice….” Jeremiah 12:1

Online Courses


Teaching courses online can be fun, and you can make money while sharing your knowledge. On LVSONLINE.COM I teach the following courses:

101 Tips for Making your Home Wheelchair and Mouth-Stick Friendly: Part 1 *SS*
101 Tips for Making your Home Wheelchair and Mouth-Stick Friendly: Part 2 *SS*
Writing your Memoirs: Journaling to Essay to Memoir *SS*
The Power of Humor: A Phenomenon Discovered in Highly-Charged Material *SS*

The courses are set up as self-study, instead of instructor-led, which offers the student freedom in pacing themselves. Enjoy looking over them and please pass the info. on.

Thanks 🙂 and have a great evening.