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Humor isn’t always funny and sometimes it is power-packed with a message.

Treasures in the Sand: Part One of Two


It can take courage, patience, and wisdom  to seek God’s will and His  ways. In an enormous world of resources, answers, and solutions to our deepest questions and problems,  we often keep looking for the grain of sand on the beach of life that contains more than the common traits of pebbles–hoping to spot a few treasures.

One of the problems of seeking God’s will and ways in our lives is having too many items, events, and experiences to analyze. With  multitudes of choices ready to be selected from our sandbar, the call for courage, perseverance, and patience is inevitable.

Tension builds in our souls. What do we look at first? What do we assess in light of possibly being God’s will for our lives? What do we conclude as definite ways ordained by God for us to establish?

It’s hard–and painful! Many pebbles appear the same. The y seem no different than other grains. These speckles seem to lend no aid to the service of us personally, and to the collective humankind. The ones that stand out often make no obvious statement regarding their purpose. They may carry their unique characteristics, but the treasures usually remain ordinary in nature, and why in the world would “ordinary” be valued?

~to be continued~


Life Begins on the Other Side of Despair


Life begins on the other side of despair. ~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Sartre was awarded, but refused, the Nobel Prize for Literaturein 1964. He was one of few people to have declined the award, perceiving it as a shallow activity.

Tragedy. Triumph. What? How can this be?

I rolled into his bedroom. His cheerful wife opened the door and chuckled, “You two have fun talking.”

There he was, bedridden. The only thing he could do is talk. Oh, and move one index finger, slightly.

“Well, it’s about time you got here!” He teased me for being almost an hour late.

I laughed, while holding back the tears and forcing a smile on my face, but I sensed he picked up on my sadness– and my surprise. All I had been told about him was he was the best  Ham radio operator in the country. That’s IT.

“You know, Mary, you’ve got a lot going for you–but I do, too. Oh, people look at me and feel so angry with God for keeping me in this bed, but I’m just starting to live. Understand what I mean?”

I glared at him.

“Come on, you can cry if you want.” He paused, waiting patiently.

I wiped a tear running down my cheek and replied, “Yes, I do understand what you’re saying. Despair doesn’t have to end our book. We can start a new chapter.”

And we both laughed.

Jean-Paul Sartre, you’re right.

Humor sometimes serves as an Effective Teaching Tool


Though often unnoticed, humor is rooted in much of the Bible. It is no surprise that little has been written on the subject matter. Nevertheless, humor continues to be valuable in communication–tearing down obstacles, encouraging ideas, and challenging people to consider different approaches to life issues.

The above excerpt comes from an online course I teach at LVSONLINE.COM. The title of the course is “The Power of Humor in Highly-charged Material.”

Laughing, chuckles, and “light bulb” moments have sprinkled my years with so many eye-opening experiences, helping me to let down my guard, hold up my catcher’s mitt, and  grab for the gifts of enlightment thrown my way. And as I ‘ve studied the Bible during the last several years I’ve noticed numerous episodes of humor.

“Wow, humor sometimes serves as an effective teaching tool,” I recognized. “Gosh, even in the Bible.”


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The Opportunity to Be Real


I’ve been writing a novel for almost a year. I don’t want to disclose the storyline, but I would like to share with you that writing fiction is a dynamic opportunity to be real.

Imagine telling the truth about your thoughts, feelings, and motivations without holding back or apologizing. Fiction writing provides a platform to tell a story from the gut and not look over your shoulder.

A dear friend of mine told me years ago that fiction has more truth than non-fiction. At the time I thought her claim was ridiculous and laughed. But now I smile and agree.

Have you noticed how many memoir writers pour their memories into fiction? This choice can certainly reduce chances of hurting others and being sued. I also think about some Biblical parables, like “consider the lilies of the field…” Well, lilies can’t talk to us, but they present a powerful truth about God’s care. A message more potently expressed in symbolism than using “real” people’s names.




We can hollar until we’re blue in the face, but we will be misunderstood sometime in our lives. Clear and articulate? It doesn’t always matter.

I was born with what the world considers a severe physical handicap, and I have been misunderstood. People have concluded that I’m uneducated, unable to make my own decisions, and, of course, unmarried.

Wrong on all three accounts. I have a PhD, I make my own decisions, and I’m married-happily married. Yes, I’m misunderstood.

But I am not the only one. Maybe you are misunderstood. Are you?

Little children can be misunderstood. They sometimes realize things we can hardly believe.

Jesus was misunderstood-and still is. I won’t go into it here. Just read your Bible-dig in- and you’ll see what I mean.

I have to come to grip with being misunderstood alot, but our human minds are not x-ray machines. So I need to hold back a critical attitude and thank God He works through ordinary people like me, and like others, to be more than the eye can see.

There’s some humor here.



Universal Truth?


My husband and I had an indepth conversation this morning about universal truth. Sounds heavy, huh? But it is something many of us think about sometime(s) in our lives. Who wants to be sucker bait and just accept our family’s or good friend’s truth?

I have a close friend who is also a Christian. Usually we can tell what the other thinks and is even going to say. But there are times we catch the other by surprise. Those instances usually include added breaks of silence weaved in the conversation. Then one of us will break in laughter and say “You disagree, don’t you?”

Obviously, even same faiths hold different claims about truth.

Universal truth is funny–in an odd way. Makes us re-think, and humbles us by bringing to our attention that we may be incomplete in our own reality.


I feel like grinning, maybe laughing.